Sprayers for Research and Demonstration

TMOS-10-P -Three point sprayer with pivoting boom and 10 treatment


Tractor mounted sprayer with heavy duty frame and swing away offset boom (with adjustable support

brackets) allows the applications of pesticides to either

two or four rows to either side of tractor. A two sectional pivoting spray boom with four nozzles per section is equipped

with eight diaphragm check valves and Quick TeeJet bodies and caps on 20 inch spacings. Each boom

section can be operated independently. Adjustable height positions are available for various stages of crop growth.

Sprayer comes equipped with a 20-lb. CO2 cylinder, pressure regulator, air and spray manifolds, and two

sectional spray boom. Boom control is designed to accommodate ten 3-liter plastic bottles or five 3-gallon stainless steel cans.

Can customize boom to desired nozzle spacing.  Priced without any containers.