Sprayers for Research and Demonstration

T130-OS3 -Tractor mounted offset boom with one 30gal. tank and six 3 gallon containers


Tractor mounted offset pivoting spray boom. Spray boom can be moved from right side to left side.

Heavy duty frame comes equipped with (1) 30 gallon cone tanks with separate bypass agitation.

Each tank can be operated independently.

Spray boom consists of two sectional offset with either eight Quick TeeJet diaphragm bodies for

broadcast application or nine nozzle directed boom than can be attached to front of offset broadcast

boom. Directed boom is supplied with 5 drop nozzles 24 inches in length. Manual boom height

adjustments of 7 ft. Add tractor’s hydraulic lifts for total boom height. The offset boom can be removed

from spray unit by removing single pivot pin, and attaching optional rear mounted broadcast boom.

Spray unit comes equipped with a 6-roller pump for PTO operation, 20 lb. aluminum CO2 cylinder with

pressure regulator for replicated small plot and one 3-gallon stainless steel wash can (107-BG).

The spray rack and manifolds can be designed to operate 3 spray containers.

Optional Electric Solenoid Valve can be added.

Specify nozzle or row spacing for broadcast and directed spray boom.