Sprayers for Research and Demonstration

SpotOn SC-1- Sprayer Calibrator


Finds true flow of old or new spray tips. 

Best for flow rates below 1 GPM, including spray tips for herbicide and insecticide application. Measurement Range: .02 to 1.00 GPM, 3 to 128 oz./min., .08 to 3.79 L/min. (higher flow rates possible with reduced accuracy). Accuracy: Greater of ±2.5% or one least significant digit. Resolution: 0.01 GPM, 1 oz./min., 0.01 L/min. Battery: Two N size alkaline batteries (included). Battery Life: Two years, meter has low battery indicator. Dimensions: 9.25”H x 2.25” dia. Weight: 0.52 lbs.

SpotOn SC-1 Sprayer Calibrator

Accurately check the flow rate of individual sprayer nozzles in just seconds with this calibrator! By obtaining the true flow rate, you can avoid costly over or under application of chemicals and also identify worn spray nozzle tips that need to be replaced. To use, simply hold the calibrator under the nozzle at a slight angle. Allow the calibrator to fill until the display shows the flow rate. Readings are obtained in 10 seconds or less per tip and are shown in GPM, oz./min., or Liter/min. The display holds the reading for 90 seconds. The waterproof calibrator is constructed of break-resistant plastic and stainless steel, features a clear design for easy cleaning, and has no moving parts.