Sprayers for Research and Demonstration
  • Model T-BEV


    Designed for application to large areas.  At broadcast rate of 10 gallons per acres, three gallon of total spray will cover 13,000 square feet. 

    Comes equipped with 3-gallon stainless steel container (107A). 5 lb. aluminum CO2 cylinder (104B), pressure regulator (307-100), air hose (407B), spray hose (408B), 4 nozzle spray boom w/ blue anodized fittings (601C-AN), pressure gauge and adapter (174), single nozzle boom (601F). Comes equipped with 315 Backpack.

    *** Standard boom spacing is 19" but can be changed to the desired spacing required for your application at no additional cost.

    ***Booms can be substituted as well.  Pricing will be adjusted.