Sprayers for Research and Demonstration



MODEL EX - The single wheel sprayer is designed to fit a wide range of applications. It will fit any row spacing without adjustment, will not

twist when spraying on uneven ground. Frame is designed to interchange from single wheel to Dual wheel with conversion kit.

Excellent for various height of row crop and broadcast production. Fully

equipped. Weight - 100 lbs.

Spray Unit is equipped with the following:

1. Removable balloon tires, size 26” x 2.125”.

2. Three piece sectional boom with eight nozzles on 20” spacing and equipped with Quick TeeJet® self-aligning nozzle bodies and caps. 

Center section consists of 4 nozzles and 2 nozzles on each outside lateral. Each section can be sprayed independently. Tips and screens not included. (Boom height adjustment from 12” to 48”.)

3. Two 3 gal. SS tanks (107-BG).  Eight  spray headers with SS drop tube (203S) and eight three liter plastic containers (283).

4. One 5 lb. Aluminum CO2 clylinder (104B) in a special carrying rack. Twin gauge pressure regulator (JO102KS) with air hose and spray hose.

5. Spray valve on right handle.

6. Spray arms will unscrew for shipping and height adjustment.

7. Two ground support arms have adjustments and will slide forward for transporting.

8. Removable clipboard for plot plan and recording data.

9. DM-70 metronome supplied with each unit, providing the most accurate means of maintaining constant desired speed under field conditions.