Sprayers for Research and Demonstration

EDM-1525- Demonstration Sprayer


Demonstration sprayer to fit all large four wheel ATV units.  Equipped with front mounted 15 gallon tank (0015LG) and rear mounted 25 gallon tank (0015LG).  Electric diaphragm pump (2088-4-135 -- 3.6 gpm) with high capacity filter wired directly to ATV power source with on-off switch.  Tanks are equipped with independent suction and by-pass valves so that tanks can be operated separately.  Three piece spray boom attached to rear mounted rack and is equipped with 10 Quick TeeJet nozzle bodies and diaphragm check valves.  Capable of spraying up to five 40 inch rows.  Each section can be raised or lowered to a maximum of six feet.  ATV and trailer not included.