Sprayers for Research and Demonstration

DM-50 - Clip Style Metronome

Clip style metronome.    Metronomes will aid in maintaining constant desired speed when spraying small research plots.  A must for all residue plots under GLP guidelines using hand held equipment.  Portable metronomes will produce an audible tempo that can be adjusted to your own stride or step.  To use the metronome, measure a known distance in the terrain where spraying is to be done.  Select comfortable pace to cover this known distance.  Now adjust the tempo of the metronome up or down to where the audible signal coincides with your step.  Record tempo and with a stop watch, determine the time required to spray over the measured distance.  Now calibrate your sprayer based on this time and distance.  Each operator must adjust the tempo to his or her length of stride.  When moving to different terrain, readjust the tempo and make corrections in walking speed.  When spraying in flooded rice plots, the use of an earphone is recommended.  Excellent when using Model EX Bicycle Sprayer.