Sprayers for Research and Demonstration



CALC-AN-ACRE features a large easy-to-read liquid crystal display, easy-to-use rotary dial and lighted display.       AREA (1) (2) (3):  Three independant counters keep a running count of the total acres (hectares) (thousands of square feet) worked.  May be reset.     SPEED:  Displays ground speed in miles per hour (kilometers per hour).    AREA/HOUR:  Displays current work rate in acres per hour or hectares per hour or thousands of square feet per hour.      TOTAL HOURS:  Shows hours of operation (can be reset).     RPM:  Displays shaft RPM (requires Shaft Sensor Kit P/N 01539).    DISTANCE:  Displays distance traveled in feet (meters). May be reset.     WIDTH +/-:   Displays effective working width.  Width can be changed on the go, in 25% increments.     SUB HOURS:  Shows sub hours of operation (can be reset).