Sprayers for Research and Demonstration

ATV-615 - ATV Sprayer


THE ULTIMATE SPRAYING MACHINE.  Six 3-liter bottles for replicate small plot and 15-gallon for large plot demonstration or overlay for small plot maintenance.  This unit comes equipped with six (203S) Aluminum spray headers for 3-liter plastic containers, one 15-gallon polyethylene tank, Surflow 3.6 GPM diaphragm pump, handlebar mounted push button switch for diaphragm pump.  Air and spray manifold for 6 spray containers and washout system, one 10 lb. aluminum CO2 cylinder and pressure regulator, one 3-gallon stainless steel wash can, 3 sectional spray boom with 10 diaphragm TeeJet Nozzles, height adjustments, and universal mounting brackets for all ATV bikes.