Sprayers for Research and Demonstration

740-201- Half Step Log Sprayer


Half Step Log Sprayer.  Supplied with carrying bracket, waist belt and disconnects to fit air hose and spray hose.  "A" container is 20 oz. in size and "B" container is two liter.  When half of "A" container is applied, spray will cut off.  Pressurized 2 liter container will then refill the 20 oz. container for the next treatment at one-half of previous dilution rate.  "A" connects to air hose; "S" connects to boom spray hose. "C" hose refills "A" container.  When "A" container is half empty it will cut off.  Close #1 valve thus cutting pressure off to "A" container.  "B" container will remain pressurized.  Release pressure on "A" container by opening valve.  Refill "A" container to original starting level by opening #3 valve.  When filled to starting level, close #3 and #2 valves.  Repressurize "A" container by opening #1 valve.  You are now ready to spray on-half of previous dilution.  PLEASE SEE PAGE 28 IN OUR catalog17A FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION!