Sprayers for Research and Demonstration


23624: The MeterJet Spray Gun is designed to deliver a precisely metered volume of spray for low pressure spot applications of herbicides, or other agricultural chemicals. It can be used to spot apply herbicides to the soil, plant foliage, basal bark, and tree stumps. The adjustable metering sub-assembly allows the applicator to discharge precise volumes from 1 to 16 milliliter with a single pull of the MeterJet® trigger. Release of the trigger automatically recharges the unit for the next dosage. Features: • Vertical and adjustable vernier scales to accurately set volumes to nearest 0.1 milliliter. • Charge indicator (located on bottom of metering sub-assembly) provides positive verification of full pressure in chamber. • Maximum operating pressure 75 psi (5.2 bar). • Minimum operating pressure of 25 psi (1.7 bar) to charge unit. Optional spring to reduce charging pressure for low volume applications available. • Inlet connection 1/4” npt (F). • Wetted parts are nylon, teflon, viton, brass and stainless steel.